How to Be a Plotter and a Pantster: Webinar July 26, 2021

In my January newsletter I addressed the age-old either-or debate about writing style—plotting out your work before writing (plotters) or writing by the seat of your pants (pantsters)—and attempted to rebrand them as navigators and wanderers. Briefly explaining the differences between the two and confessing I’m a chronic navigator, I then touched on the benefits of incorporating aspects of each approach in your writing.

On July 26 at 7 pm PT I’ll dive deeper into the topic in a one-hour online workshop, “Are you a Plotter or a Pantster?” Hosted by the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, it is free for members and open to non-members for $10 (the Guild is a nonprofit humanities organization). I’ll detail the two approaches and cite famous examples of both. (J.K. Rowling? Navigator. Margaret Atwood? Wanderer.) I’ll also address how to both maximize your own approach to writing and embrace part of the other approach to truly perfect your work. (Longtime readers of this blog may recognize a theme here; I often wrote about and lectured on whole-brain thinking, incorporating the left and right side of our brains when being creative.)

I’d love to see you on screen on the 26th! Apologies to my East Coast and European friends for the late hour (although I know many writers who are night owls).

FYI, I highlighted this event and reflected on what one might anticipate from joining a writing group in my latest The Art-Committed Life newsletter. I post most original content now to the newsletter, not here at The Artist’s Road blog, so be sure to subscribe at my website.

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