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The New Year is almost here, and I’m sure we all can’t wait to put 2020 behind us. This seems a good time to remind you that if you want to keep reading insights on creativity, writing, and living an art-committed life, you’ll want to sign up for the Art-Committed Life newsletter. Published approximately monthly, that is where I now distribute my short posts, news, interviews, etc. In case you missed them:

  • In Volume 1, Issue 4, the article “Doomscrolling? Is It Killing Your Creativity?” discusses how in a year featuring more negative news than one could possibly imagine, it’s easy to fall into a consumption pattern that hinders our creativity. I offer insights on what happens to the brain when “doomscrolling,” and provide three tips to salvage your muse and keep creating.
  • In Volume 1, Issue 5, the article “How Do You Know When Your Creative Work is Truly Finished?” looks at the struggle every creative person has when deciding when they can declare their work truly complete. I summarize three common perspectives on the challenge.

Each newsletter also contains short sections outlining other insights, showcasing the work of other talented creatives, and/or providing some brief updates of my own path along the artist’s road.

You can sign up for the newsletter at my (recently redesigned) website.

Have a creative 2021!

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