Using All Five Senses in Your Creative Writing (and more)


We know we’re supposed to show, not tell, in our fiction and creative nonfiction. You could argue a better way to put it is that we’re supposed to not just show (suggesting visual description) but help the reader fully experience the moment.

I explore that in the latest Art-Committed Life newsletter. The “and more” in the title of this blog post refers not to senses beyond the normal five, but the fact that there are other items in the newsletter as well. As I’ve mentioned here before, new conversations on creativity are now happening with the newsletter rather than original posts here. I hope you enjoy the latest Art-Committed Life newsletter and subscribe.


3 thoughts on “Using All Five Senses in Your Creative Writing (and more)

  1. Timothy Ivin Lawver

    Such a food reminder. Had to go through my whole last novel when I realized my werewolf protagonist should be acutely smelling everyone and everything. Wound up being a good exercise in senses.

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