Social Media Dystopia: A Review of Dave Eggers’ The Circle

It’s somewhat odd, sharing my thoughts on a novel via social media when that novel highlights the dark fate that can befall us when we become too enamored with sharing our thoughts online.

18302455That’s how I opened my Goodreads review of Dave Eggers’ The Circle. That review was automatically posted to my Facebook and Twitter feeds. And here I am shoving my thoughts out to a broader audience via this blog.

I’m choosing to share a link to my review here, however, because in it I explore the issue of sharing vs. privacy. That has been a long-recurring theme here at The Artist’s Road, as I learned through my creative writing to share more about myself with reader. Committed: A Memoir of the Artist’s Road, is one result.

I invite you to visit my review. I give the book 5 stars, not just because it was an entertaining and well-crafted read, but because it made me think. It also made me inclined to share my thoughts with others, which would seem to make me susceptible to buying in to The Circle. Hmm.


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