Road to Publication: The Blog Tour Begins

Committed front coverAuthor tours rarely proved a profitable investment for book publishers, but I have to imagine there are moments of fun for the authors. Yes, travel has its nuisances–and I suppose I speak with some authority since I’ve written a travel memoir–but I do find myself inclined to put up with some of the hassle to experience that jet-set approach to book promotion so rare today. Of course you still see some big names on publisher-sponsored tours–have you heard of someone called Hillary Clinton?–but in our virtual 21st Century world it’s about the virtual author tour, and that usually includes blogs.

My first blog “visit” is now live on the website of fantasy author Sheila R. Lamb. On her site I’ve participated in her 10-questions series she does for authors; usually they’re novelists, so I’m flattered she included a CNF writer. Feel free to pop by and take a look!

On Friday I’ll be doing some very 20th Century publicity; an interview by phone with a Boise, Idaho, radio station. There’s actually a really good story behind how that happened, but I’ll wait on that one.

Have a great week, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Road to Publication: The Blog Tour Begins

  1. Yay, Patrick πŸ˜€ I hope you enjoy the process! This is an exciting time for you πŸ™‚ I’ll be checking out your first stop and am curious if there will be a link to listen to your radio interview online?


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