Road to Publication: Fun with Video

With a thousand things to do before Committed: A Memoir of the Artist’s Road publishes this fall, I’ve found it difficult to return my focus to this blog. There’s the heavy-duty editing I’m doing to the manuscript, a final pass-through by me before the publisher takes a shot at it. And there’s crafting my promotional plan, in which I’m coming up with far more ideas than I can possibly execute.

With all of these activities in motion, it seems one way I can keep updating this blog is to provide short posts on my progress. I hope this “Road to Publication” series will be informative both for those aspiring to have their first book published as well as industry veterans.

So today I took a break from tightening the manuscript and had a little fun with some of the footage from the cross-country U.S. road trip that led to Committed . Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Road to Publication: Fun with Video

  1. Patrick, this was SO much fun to watch! Now I feel like I know you more after seeing this video of you in action šŸ™‚ I had a lot of blogs to catch up on today, but ended up spending hours in an emergency room (all’s well w/my boyfriend; just a scare). There are several blogs I save for the end ’cause I know I want to really read them and take time commenting and yours is one of them. You were the last one I opened and what a great way to end my day on the internet. Thank you! šŸ˜€


  2. Aw Patrick, I feel like I know you that much better now (aint it strange how the internet does that?) I’m hugely looking forward to your book coming out, and this was a brilliant taster to your charm and humour.

    I love the thing where each of the US states has identified with something; we don’t do that here in the UK and I think we should. It could make for some interesting new angles “Birmingham, the ‘confusing road layout that everybody hates’ county,” “Oxfordshire, the ‘everybody’s very rich and/or very clever’ county,” and my home county “Devon, the ‘nobody takes anything particularly seriously’ county.”

    Thanks for brightening my day!


    1. Thanks, Wendy!

      You know I studied for a short while at Oxford. I can see everybody’s very rich and/or very clever, or perhaps where “everyone thinks they are clever,” because Oxford students found it relentlessly funny to remove the “S” from the sign above the entrance to the “White Horse” pub on Broad Street. Ha ha ha. (I hung out a bit north at the Rose and Crown drinking Morrell’s bitter, but I understand that Morrell’s went under a few years ago.) It could also have been “the place where the only decent food was across the Thames in the Indian restaurants on Cowley Road.”


      1. I have to ask, after reading this comment: is “Rose and Crown” a common term when referring to ANY pub in the UK? I’ve heard it mentioned too many times to think all these people are referring to the very same pub with that name! lol


        1. Hahaha! Another of our great British traditions is reusing and recycling the names of our pubs. There are legions of ‘Rose and Crowns’ all over the country, along with ‘Nag’s Heads’ and quite literally THOUSANDS of ‘Red Lions.’ Kind of like ye olde versione of MacDonalds before MacDonalds was invented. šŸ˜‰


      2. Yeah, that sounds like Oxford students alright. šŸ™‚

        Most of the eating places in Oxford now seem to be a crazy mix of the standard chains like Burger King and MacDonalds, and ever-so-right-on ‘health food bistros.’ I don’t know Oxford very well, but my sister lives in Chipping Norton which is nearby – and is sooo posh it even makes Oxford look a bit chavvy. Every time me, my husband and my son rock up to their house we feel like The Beverly Hillbillies šŸ™‚

        I also realised (AFTER I hit ‘Post’) that I called Birmingham a county when it’s actually a city. *Headdesk.* That’s probably another reason why I’ll never make it to Oxford University…


  3. Ha! Love it, Patrick. Really funny. Looking forward to this “Road to Publication” series – and your book, of course! And don’t worry about not having much time to focus on the blog right now. Focus on getting ready for publication – you’ve worked so hard to get here. We’ll still be here whenever you want to check in šŸ˜‰


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