What Do You Want to See on The Artist’s Road?

Happy holidays, readers!

I’m now about two months into my fourth year with The Artist’s Road–it’s true, I launched in October of 2010–and I must say the third was pretty fun. I was blessed to have two posts featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed in 2013, and I brought to a conclusion my MFA Nugget series. Now I find myself wondering where to take this blog next.

You can help me with that? Please take a moment to participate in the survey below.

I’ll keep this poll live until the end of the year, and let you all know the results–and my thoughts–in the New Year!

ADDENDUM DEC. 19TH 8 AM ET: What great feedback so far on this survey! Nineteen respondents in the first 24 hours from four countries. I particularly appreciate the additional comments I’m receiving on the final question. Keep the feedback coming!

6 thoughts on “What Do You Want to See on The Artist’s Road?

  1. Hi there. I just discovered your blog today, via WordPress’s you might like function. So I’m afraid I’m no help with your survey. I do look forward to reading some of your back posts. Glad to have found you.


  2. Troy Gronseth

    Hi Patrick! I’m signed up for your Loft online class starting in January so thought I’d stop by and get my feet wet and get to know you a bit. Really looking forward to diving into the class and learning from you!


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