Why the Arts Matter in STEM Education

My tour of a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) grade school in Akron, Ohio, serves as my launching point for a look at arts education–and the effort to add an A for arts to make STEAM–in a guest post I wrote for Artist Think. This thought-provoking blog is produced by visual artist, writer, and educator Carrie Ellen Brummer, and I was honored when she asked if I’d like to contribute to her series on arts and education. She and I welcome your thoughts on the subject, so swing on by!

6 thoughts on “Why the Arts Matter in STEM Education

  1. I have been integrating the core subjects in my 7th grade art class curriculum now for the past four years. I have been actually integrating all the subjects in my art lessons for 23 years…..why does this idea seem so novel? I create and bridge the connections to the learners in every way possible. To approach all learning and all subjects with creativity should be a natural way to learn.


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I work for a summer technology program that focuses on STEAM education. STEAMG (Gaming) would be more accurate! My background is in the creative arts and often I feel the creative arts are often forgotten or overlooked when STEM is mentioned. Thankfully our program, and many schools, are taking a new approach to how STEAM education and curriculum can be taught and bridged to reach and engage students of all interests. It’s rewarding to see the results when the arts are included and taught. I’ve seen elegance in programming, beauty in science, and creativity in technology to last an eternity. Keep up the great work!


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