Becoming a Standout Blogger in Six Weeks

UPDATE JUNE 7, 2013: There are now a few slots available. We’ve decided to break the class into two separate workshops, so if you were unable to enroll before, you may have more success now! You can enroll here.

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2013: I just checked the page for my class and saw it is sold out. I’m going to check in with The Loft and see if it’s possible to open up a second, parallel class. More time teaching for me, but I hate the idea that it’s already sold out a full month in advance. I can be a last-minute person sometimes, and I’m sure others are as well.

It’s a phrase that is shopworn in our society: “Supplies are limited, so act now.” There are moments when that is not hyperbole, however, and this is one of them. I’ve just been informed that enrollment for my Loft Literary Center online class, “Becoming a Standout Blogger: How to Create, Write and Grow a Compelling Blog,” has almost reached capacity. I’m a bit surprised, because the course doesn’t begin until July 8th, five weeks from now. But with only four slots left, I felt I should run a commercial here on The Artist’s Road, because I know The Loft has a robust marketing program and I’d like my readers have first crack at the remaining slots.

Loft Literary CenterLongtime readers know I spent most of 2012 searching for the perfect outlet to take my in-person class online. I chose The Loft because of its stellar reputation in online learning. I’m seeing that now as an instructor; I marvel at the pedagogical resources they have made available to me to ensure I can make the most of this 21st century phenomenon. I also welcome the remarkable freedom their online interface technology offers to ensure a completely customized experience for my students.

Becoming a Standout Blogger” is a workshop-style class that walks students through the blogging process from concept to execution, while emphasizing the one element that not only attracts readers but keeps them coming back: the writing. Fortunately, I’ve been blogging in various capacities since 1995–before the term “blog” existed–so I have some understanding of the art and craft of engaging an online audience. But of course one of the beauties of blogging is that there really are no limits as to how one can approach the medium. By capping enrollment, I can ensure that every student not only learns from his or her fellow classmates but can also engage directly with me. Due to my many responsibilities, I have for the time being suspended offering one-on-one instruction, but this course comes close.

Okay, enough of the commercial. I won’t be plugging this course with any more posts here at The Artist’s Road, although I have committed to writing guest posts for two other blogs in the month of June to promote the class. It’s possible the course will already be filled by the time those run, but they are not advertisements like this post. Rather, they are advice posts, so I’ll keep my commitment to those blogs regardless.

If you are interested in enrolling in “Becoming a Standout Blogger” or know someone who might be, please feel free to read more about it. You can also email me for more information. Thanks for your time today!

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7 thoughts on “Becoming a Standout Blogger in Six Weeks

  1. Corey Barenbrugge

    Thanks for the heads-up, Patrick! And thank you from your comments a few weeks ago regarding the story “string” in journalism. That’s a very helpful concept.


  2. Yvette Carol

    Hi, Patrick. My view is that this is the right place to self-promote. You should pick your venues and keep them for self-promotion and then, allow other social media outlets to be you not promoting yourself, but simply sharing who you are, how you feel, etc. That way, people feel they can trust you to be impeccable.


  3. dignitarysretreat

    I enrolled in Patrick’s course last spring of 2012 and loved it! He is a creative and supportive teacher who knows just the right feedback to give on useful assignments which help the novice blogger take those initial steps. I strongly encourage those who are interested to register and benefit from Patrick’s knowledge and skill!


    1. Wow, thanks for that! You were a great student, and are an inspiring writer. And I admired your bravery in focusing on putting more of yourself on the digital page; that has been a challenge for me as well.

      And all, I didn’t pay her to write that!


      1. dignitarysretreat

        It’s true, he didn’t! Patrick is a top notch writer and teacher. Whoever enrolls will blossom in their blogging (and he didn’t pay me to say that, either).


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