Tracking the Wonder of ‘I’ in Your Blog

As I prepare for the next blog workshop I’m teaching through The Writer’s Center, writer and creativity consultant Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder has kindly offered me a guest-post slot on his blog. I write about how a blogger can make the most effective use of the single most powerful word in the English language, the first-person singular pronoun. But I also learned, from Jeffrey’s kind introduction, just how much he and I have in common in terms of our approach to that single word.

I’d love for you to read the post, and then spend a little time exploring Jeffrey’s blog and site. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Tracking the Wonder of ‘I’ in Your Blog

  1. Kate Arms-Roberts

    Nice post. And thanks for the reminder to read Jeffrey’s blog. I have been hiding in my own little world recently and reading the two of you is good for getting me back into the public sphere.


  2. There is something powerful about “I” and owning it .. even if it’s simply acknowledging that you have a voice, and it’s yours to use as you choose.

    I love the magic that happens when somebody finds, and unleashes, their voice. That’s authenticity in action.


  3. Terre Britton

    Patrick, this is very helpful advice! I’ve just started an art blog where, thankfully, the images are the main draw, so to speak, but I do plan on sharing my philosophies and such. However, being a shy person my nerves turn to nettles each time I type the word “I,” so I’m happy to keep this trick in mind when the need arises. Thanks so much for sharing. And I love your blog redesign!


    1. Hi Terre! Funny how social media works. From getting to know you via Twitter and Creative Flux, I don’t think of you as shy, but I know that how we present ourselves professionally online doesn’t necessarily tell us everything we know about somebody. But that’s like using “I” on a blog; you show the part of yourself that you need to show, right? 🙂


  4. You’re right, t’s tricky being shy and being on social media…exposed to the entire world. Sometimes my shyness has been mistaken for a lack of confidence, which isn’t so. Maybe I’ll write about it, one day. I really enjoyed your post, Patrick 🙂


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