Creativity Tweets of the Week – 9/14/12

It dawned on me that I should collect some of the best links on writing and creativity I tweet during the week and compile them in a single, easy-to-use guide. I thought I’d call it “Creativity Tweets of the Week.”

Oh yeah, I used to do this pretty regularly, didn’t I?

Here at the Artist’s Road we only look ahead (except when we look back over the last week for good links). Enjoy!

  • Is this Book Bad, or is it Just Me? The Anatomy of Book Reviews,” Darryl Campbell, The Millions: Why don’t I provide a short review of the article? If you’re fascinated with the intercene warfare in the publishing/blogging community over the evolution (or devolution) and relevance (or not) of book reviews and reviewers, this is a really excellent overview and catch-up article. If you like to read the occasional book review and dream of having a book reviewed someday, you can skip it.
  • 4 simple steps writers can take to become better proofreaders,” Michelle V. Rafter, WordCount: The enticing “short list” title is misleading, because this post is more about becoming a better writer/balanced person, but I still liked it. I can advise on how to become a better proofreader in only three steps: 1) Read The Elements of Style. 2) Show no mercy to your prose. 3) Repeat.
  • 10 Tips for Writing a Great Author Bio,” Lauren Clark, guest post on DuoLit: A good post for all writers. You need to send a bio in that query letter, right? This provides a framework for summing you up. Leave out the fact that you take in stray cats.
  • Music and Writing: A Two-Part Harmony,” Carole Jane Treggett, guest post on Fear of Writing: One of my Twitter/blogger friends, @cjtreggett, guesting for another Twitter/blogger friends, Milli Thornton of @fearofwriting. That combo in itself is a nice two-part harmony. Carole Jane explores her creative drift away from and back to music.
  • Three Stories Unlikely to Make it Beyond the Slush Pile,” Joe Hiland, IR: Oh, we’re back to bullet-list posts again. That’s okay, this Indiana Review editor speaks truth to the powerless, pointing out three trope stories he will never publish (I could see myself writing all of them, oops).
  • Where Were You… When a Book Kicked Your Ass?Keith Cronin, Writer Unboxed: When I interviewed Nebula and Hugo award winning sci-fi author Michael Swanwick on my 2010 cross-country road trip, he told me he knew he wanted to be a novelist when he picked up the first volume of Lord of the Rings one day after school, read it on the bus home, stayed up all night reading it, read it on the bus back to school, and finished it starving for the next one. This post features similar stories. They’re always fun, aren’t they? And we probably all have one. 

10 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week – 9/14/12

  1. Hello stranger. I was happy to see your name and creativity tweets in my inbox. You have been missed. I do know that putting something like this together takes time, even when you come across the stuff naturally. I do something similar for poetry.


  2. Hi – nice to find you again.
    Missed you and had to go trawling to see what you were up to.
    Nice post and have clicked on the links. Now to go and see what there is….


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