MFA Nuggets are Coming

It’s that time again! Soon I’ll be posting daily (if possible) posts from my latest MFA residency at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier. At my winter residency I shared ten posts, or “MFA Nuggets,” with you. I discussed lectures, readings, and the life of a creative writer at residency. Now, it never got above freezing that entire residency, so staying huddled in my dorm room with my laptop wasn’t a hardship; it might be a bit tougher to resist the temptation of the outdoors this time. I recall that at last summer’s residency the weather was delightful.

VCFA’s College Hall, home of readings, workshops, and graduation. I hope to be a participant in that last event next summer.

I will say this: I find that blogging about what I learn at residency helps reinforce the lessons in my own head, so I may blog every day purely for selfish reasons. If you get something out of it as well, fantastic!

Finally, if you’re curious about what a residency schedule looks like, just know that a typical day runs from about 9 am to 10 pm; repeat 10 times. Here’s this semester’s schedule. Oh my.

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