What a Creative Writing Immersion Can Provide

I’m honored to be a guest blogger on Write to Done, the blog that each year names the Top Ten Blogs for Writers. I am a 2011-2012 winner, and one of the benefits of winning that award is being granted a Write to Done guest spot. It seems site founder Mary Jaksch liked the posts I filed from Montpelier, Vermont, at my MFA residency with the Vermont College of Fine Arts–those went live shortly after I won her award–and she asked me to write about lessons learned from such an immersive writing experience.

I decided for this post I should actually use a technique blogging instructors always encourage–I may teach blogging at a local writer’s center but that doesn’t mean I always listen to my own instruction–so I wrote this post as a tips list: “4 Rewards from Creative Writing Immersion.” I hope you find the post rewarding.

2 thoughts on “What a Creative Writing Immersion Can Provide

  1. Congratulations on the award, Patrick. I wish I could go to a writer’s immersion, but I’m a stay-at-home dad, so not really an option. Your story is an inspiration, though, so thank you.


  2. Well, you’re doing something very important, and something that doesn’t permit the self-indulgence of a writer’s immersion. My children are both teenagers, which means they’re never around! Thank you for your kind words.


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