Creativity Tweets of the Week – 02/24/12

Let me begin by thanking Cheryl Reif for naming The Artist’s Road her Blog of the Week! Cheryl’s been featured here in Creativity Tweets of the week on more than one occasion–including today–so the admiration is mutual. Now on to a select list of links on creativity and writing I tweeted this week.



  • Web Extra: A Field Guide to AWP,” Courtney Maum, Tin House: An amusing list of types of writer stereotypes. I’m writing a travel memoir, so as a memoir writer I must be a fleece-wearing woman bearing snacks.
  • How Long-Form Journalism is Finding its Digital Audience,” Louis DVorkin, Forbes: As both a fan and occasional practitioner of long-form journalism (my quasi-journalistic post on my recent White House visit ran nearly 3,000 words), this column pleased me greatly.
  • What is the Recipe for a Great Blog Post?Ann Tran: I invite you to sign up for my class at The Writer’s Center titled “Writing Compelling Blog Posts” to learn my thoughts, or click this link and learn from ten other bloggers. I forgive you in advance for taking the easy route.
  • Writing on the Ether,” Porter Anderson, Jane Friedman: I thought I’d wrap up with a link to one of the most comprehensive round-ups you’ll find on the Web, a regular feature compiled by one social media star (Porter) for another (Jane). I’ll be looking for Porter at AWP as well; I’m such a rebel, engaging with people in person.

A preview of coming attractions: On Tuesday, February 28th, I’ll be showcasing a guest post from an accomplished author with great writing tips. Later in the week, watch this space for “AWP Nuggets,” as I post short takes on the highlights of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Chicago. If you’re attending, let me know!

11 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week – 02/24/12

  1. Hi Samantha,

    No, you had it right. I teach blogging at a local writer’s center, but I wasn’t featured in Ann’s poll. I have met her locally at various DC tweet-ups, though, and am a big fan of hers. So no “blonde” moment for you this time!


  2. I had to stop and tell you how delightfully inspiring your blog is . I am a beginner blogger and I’ve been looking for some blogging tips. I’ve discovered there is a lot to learn here :). Kisses…


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