A Sneak Peek at Coming Attractions

I’m off to Montpelier, Vermont, tomorrow morning for my latest MFA in Writing residency, and I want to commit to you, via this post, that I will be posting highlights I pick up from lectures and readings in (semi) real time from the residency. I can’t promise a post a day, but I aim to pull that off. They’ll be nice and short, just a nugget of wisdom I jotted down in the shiny new composition book I bought for the residency.

Is my composition book too girly? I liked the magnetic flap, wide-ruled paper, and the hard casing, but it's a bit fussy, methinks.

Some possible topics (i.e., titles of some lectures I intend to attend):

  • The Importance of Wasting Time
  • The First Step off the Cliff is the Most Dangerous (openings)
  • The Art of Dialogue
  • In Defense of Excessive Detail and Sentimental Disclosures
  • Using Your Ears: The Mysteries of Music in Writing
  • Why Am I Laughing at This? The Grotesque and Black Humor
  • Out Loud: The Relationship Between the Written and the Spoken Word
  • One Writer’s Search for Structure, or It Looks Like a Mosaic to Me

Now to start packing for my two weeks away; nothing like waiting until the last minute.

17 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at Coming Attractions

    1. Hi Sion! It will be exhilarating and also exhausting, which is why I’m committing to short posts! You’ll be missed; it would be great to see you next summer. You’d make a great graduate assistant.


    1. Hi Rebecca, too bad we didn’t overlap as students! This will be my first winter residency. I too loved hanging out with friends outside Dewey at night during my summer residency, but I can’t imagine students do that when it’s 15 degrees out! Do they head into Dewey Lounge?


      1. Oh, you must not be a smoker! I’ve been out there in my nightgown and coat when it’s twenty below! It was so cold once that my bottle of Diet Coke, which I sat down on the ramp while we smoked, was freezing before we got in!!


        1. Oh, of course the smokers need to go outside. I enjoy the occasional cigar, but I won’t brave sub-freezing weather to do so.

          I know what you mean about your soda! Once I tailgated at a late December Bills game in Buffalo, it was below zero. We had to keep the car running with the beer in the hatch. When you wanted a beer you had to open the hatch, drink, then put the beer back. It would freeze if you kept it out of the car. What we endure for our vices!


  1. I know my residencies at Spalding were always so full of nuggets that I was always walking around on overload, so I look forward to hearing yours. And, if it gets to be too much, don’t worry about us, we’ll be here when you return.


    1. When I was looking at Spalding their residencies looked really fantastic. I’m sure it’s exactly the same as VCFA. Thank you for permission not to post, but I’m hoping knowing I plan to do one each day will help me to remember the day and reflect more deeply on a good takeaway. Cheers!


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