Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/16/11

Running out of holiday gift ideas for loved ones? Why not give them a year’s subscription to The Artist’s Road? It’s chock-full of resources for the creative-minded, and it’s part of a complete breakfast. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Now on to this week’s links on creativity and writing I sent out this week on Twitter and Facebook.


  • Does Your Job Help or Hinder Your Creativity?Carrie Brummer, Artist Think: I came across my friend Carrie’s insightful post this week simultaneous with my decision to seek full-time work. Anyone want to hire a creativity geek? I’m housebroken and don’t bite.
  • What job skills would I bring to your place of employment? Well, I make a pretty decent Crustacean Christmas tree...

    Why People Secretly Fear Creative Ideas,” Jeremy Dean, PsyBlog: My take? Anyone who has ever suffered through an unproductive meeting knows not everyone fearful of creativity keeps that secret with much success.

  • Nine Stubborn Brain Myths that Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science,” Brian Hacks, Lifehacker: How dismaying to see a favorite topic of mine, the left brain/right brain debate, listed as the #1 myth.


Happy holidays, fellow creativity geeks!

9 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/16/11

  1. Patrick – I am always a little late these days catching up with your posts, but enjoy them nonetheless. They keep me linked to my own creative life, having returned to a FT corporate job 6 months ago…. Am still finding my rhythm. I’ll be eager to find out where your path takes you–and remain hopeful that you will continue to share your creative journey with us in 2012.


    1. Hi Carolyn! I’m always glad when you stop by. I’d love to learn more about your transition back to FT work while finding your creative and family balance. I have noticed you haven’t posted much on your blog recently, which could reflect that transition. Perhaps you could blog about it?

      We’ll see what 2012 holds, but I’ll keep The Artist’s Road going, because it’s a part of my creative journey. I’m glad one reader will value its continuation!


      1. Yes, blogging about it is a good idea. I’m much more sympathetic to the writers I have encouraged to ‘just write’ in spite of their (our) busy lives…. Is this payback? Maybe. At any rate, I’m eating a little crow while slowly finding my balance. I justed finish a piece for my monthly column on a A Hopeful Sign, and am thinking that I will take my own advice in 2012! Thanks for the nudge. : )


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