Creativity Tweets of the Week — 11/28/11

Witness the triumphant return of Creativity Tweets of the Week. It’s been a long week; the last such post went up November 4th. But in the meantime I’ve written a guest post on creativity and leadership, “Leading Through Storytelling,” for Deborah Connolly’s Creative Leadership Coaching blog, and a personal essay on returning to a creative life, “Oxygen,” for the site Creativity Flux, curated by Terre Britton. Now it’s time to return to The Artist’s Road, and serve up more links on creativity and writing I’ve circulated on Twitter and Facebook.

An Artist’s Road reader recently noted that after weighing the idea of tweeting older blog posts, I decided not to do so. He is right, I don’t tweet old posts. But I do occasionally provide links to past posts in blog entries when they bring value to the discussion; I have done so above, with the “related” posts following these links in parentheses above. Enjoy!

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