When Hard Work Pays Off

It’s live! A personal essay I wrote last month that won a contest with Unplug & Reconnect, “Forest Foursome,” has now been published. Regular blog readers will note it is a shortened rewrite of a post from late August on unplugging from the grid. Thoughtful author Jessica McCann directed me to the contest, and my family was kind enough to let me use the better part of a weekend performing what I believe is the soul of writing — revising, revising, revising.

If you like it, please feel free to leave a comment on their site!

FYI, I’m very proud of my 16-year-old visual-artist daughter. She has a photo credit on the essay.

12 thoughts on “When Hard Work Pays Off

  1. You won the contest! Cheers and fireworks!

    Thoroughly enjoyed your revised version (great rewriting, Patrick, so yes, your hard work paid off) and I was thrilled to see Maria’s sunset photo on your post.

    What an inspiration to follow your journey with this success here on your blog.


  2. Congratulations Patrick! That’s awesome! (I left a comment on the site as well.)
    I think you did a fine job of explaining the importance of both being unplugged and tuned into society.
    And congratulations to your daughter, too!


  3. Congratulations Patrick, how exciting!

    I’m sorry I have been missing these posts as they come out. For some reason they are going into my junk file now and I’m only checking that as it starts to fill up. I have not yet figured out how to stop it from going there. (I drag and drop them into my inbox … that USED to work …)

    I’m excited for you, great work! (But I miss Mr. Bacon! 😉 )

    All my best,



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