Creativity Tweets of the Week — 9/16/11

Mr. Bacon accompanied me this morning when I covered President Obama at a bill signing ceremony for one of my freelance clients. The bugger kept inserting himself into every photo I took. Fortunately the many Secret Service agents present did not consider this bendable children’s toy a threat. Not sure how he’d hold up in Gitmo. Now on to this week’s list of the best links on creativity and writing I tweeted and shared on Facebook this week.



I’d like to look online for tips on how to get Mr. Bacon to behave, but I’m afraid of what might appear if I use the search terms I’ve come up with, like “beating your bacon.” Any advice you have on pork discipline is welcome.

23 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 9/16/11

  1. Can you pass a message along to Mr. Bacon? Can you please tell him to get his own blog? I am convinced it would be brilliant! Oh, and as always your picks for the week are brilliant.


      1. Kate Arms-Roberts

        He could certainly have his own blog.

        And, if my kids are any judge, a children’s picture book series.

        But, I won’t tell him unless you do.


  2. Advice on pork discipline. . . .

    Well, Mr. Bacon told me he thinks you need therapy and he would be willing to pick out a therapist for you.

    Oh, wait. That was when he appeared to me in a dream last night in a state of megalomania.

    (He also said that his appearing naked at the White House is your issue. He’s completely comfortable in his own skin.)

    Haha! But seriously, your collection of tweets is fantastic, as always. I only hope you aren’t detained for perpetrating bacon on the White House before you can do your next Friday post.

    OK, I’m off to Google bacon joke obsession (BJO). I might be a candidate – along with a few others I’ve seen tweeting 😉


  3. I could relate to Jane Chin’s post, though my baby girl is now an 11-year-old middle schooler. Oddly enough, I sometimes think I had more time to write when she was a baby and took those long naps. Now I feel it’s even more important to spend time with her as she navigates the pitfalls of mean girls and rising curiosity in boys and everything else that accompanies this age.

    And she is now a writer, so we have to share my laptop. That really reduces my writing time!


    1. Melissa, I understand. My son is almost 13, middle school is tough for boys too. And high school for my daughter, 16. I too want to spend more time with them but don’t always get to, they have such busy lives with friends, etc.

      And my daughter has started writing (as well as drawing and photography) and yes, sometimes she takes my laptop. Call me a dream killer, but sometimes I say “Daddy has MFA homework” and make her cough it up! (Especially when I think she’s really sneaking over to Facebook.) 🙂


  4. Kate Arms-Roberts

    Thank you for the link to Jane’s post. I find that the only part of writing that I can do while the kids are awake is make notes and copy-edit. Everything else requires more focused attention than they ever leave me with. But, I have more kids than either you or Jane – and special needs kids on top of it. So, I do what I can, but I keep working on making more snippets of time.



  5. Rolling on the floor over here. You remind me of my brother-in-law, who takes a Mr. Bill doll backpacking and takes pictures of him on top of Mt. Whitney, etc. Takes some Colbert-style audacity to take Mr. Bacon to the White House, though! (And I don’t think that was the kind of audacity Obama was referring to in his book.)

    Thanks for all the great links, as usual!


  6. Late to the party, as usual. But Mr. Bacon reminded me of something similar I did years ago. I lost a little bet with my brother who made me take a Mets cap to press conferences and get pics of it so that it looked like the person speaking behind the podium was wearing the hat. This was back in the day before digital cameras came along, so I was using a tiny disposable camera. At Japanese Finance Ministry pressers. Eventually, the camera, the cap and I were removed from a venue. And scolded.

    Printing out Pam Pastor’s article for future use.

    Hope you’re having an okay week.


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