Creativity Tweets of the Week – 9/9/11

Is there an air freshener on the market powerful enough to change the fact that my neighborhood smells like a wet dog? In the last four days we here in the D.C. area have received rainfall that would cause Noah to wet his pants. I’m not sure I experienced that much rain cumulatively in my entire childhood in the Arizona desert. I’ve managed to dry off enough to compile below some of the best links on creativity and writing I tweeted this week.



In the last month my region has had an earthquake and two tropical storms. All I ask is that I be given a heads-up when the locusts are on their way. When they come, is there anyone out there not living under biblical siege who would let me crash on their couch?

8 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week – 9/9/11

  1. These look like great articles to settle in with while we’re dealing with this crappy weather. Tuesday looks like it’ll be cloudless….perhaps we should celebrate by discussing some writing we’re working on?


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