Creativity Tweets of the Week — 8/19/11

Before we leap into some of the links on creativity and writing I shared via Twitter and Facebook this week, I have a question for my Canadian readers — are you as enthralled with poutine as I am? I was reminded of this delicacy — french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curd — in a Twitter conversation this week. Now I’m jonesing to make a run for the northern border and indulge in a Quebec dish nearly as alluring to me as bacon.



  • Why MFA Programs Matter,” Brian Joseph Davis, Huffington Post; and “Why Get an MFA in Writing?Jenna McGuiggan, The Word Cellar: Both writers recognize that writers don’t HAVE to get an MFA to write, but Brian shows how MFA programs improve our culture and Jenna offers her personal story as a recent graduate of the program I’ve begun, the Vermont College of Fine Arts. (Related post: Sharing Without Fear)
  • If you eat too much poutine, you might not be able to handle walking from Quebec City's Basse-Ville (Lower Town) to Haute-Ville (Upper Town). Take the funicular.

    Suffering and the Brilliant Author,” Sarah A. Hoyt, According to Hoyt: Bottom line — get over this myth already. On a side note, recently I heard Jeff Bridges tell Stephen Colbert he dealt with having a good life by creating art after giving himself “Indian burns.” (Related post: Never Give Up on Your Dreams)

  • To Plot or Not to Plot,” Terri Giuliano Long, The age-old question, with answers tied both to the type of book and to the type of writer. (Related post: Flashing Your Readers)
  • There’s Still Time for You,” Jolina Joy, The Happy Book Blog: A sweet post by a talented writer who, like many of us, is pursuing the goal of being a published author. (Related post: Literary Agent = Book Contract?)

Now another question for my dear readers — where the heck does one buy cheese curd?

9 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 8/19/11

  1. I’m half french-Canadian, and grew up in ‘la belle province’, so I know about poutine! The best in the world (ok, biased opinion lol) can be found at a small chip stand/restaurant in Plaisance – a small Quebec village just an hour’s drive from us. Of course, you can always return to Montreal too 🙂
    Rumour has it you can get cheese curds at the Courthouse Farmer’s Market (Courthouse, Arlington, VA) on Saturday mornings.

    Good luck getting your ‘fix’ soon, Patrick 🙂


  2. Ah yes, I’ve heard the best poutine is found in small stands away from the big cities, never had the chance to discover one. Maybe I’ll cross the border from VT and go exploring the next time I’m up there for an MFA residency.

    Oh my, I live about two miles away from Courthouse! I may be on an adventure tomorrow morning… thanks for the tip!


  3. Did you know that The Skinny Pancake in Montpelier serves poutine? It’s the only place I’ve ever had it, so I have no idea if it’s considered good or not. All I know is that I considered it yummy! Check it out at the next residency and let me know how it stacks up. (And thank for the link love, by the way!)


  4. Okay, poutine is one of the few things that can get me to poke my head up from a vacation.

    It’s a heart attack on a plate to be sure, but it’s also the ultimate comfort food.

    And real cheese curds are a must. None of that mozzarella nonsense.

    Brilliant reading list, Patrick.


    1. Thank you, Stacey. Agree on the cheese cues as a must. Someone told me of seeing it in Seattle with cheddar. I gather from my friends from Philadelphia that’s like asking for swiss cheese on a Philly cheese steak.


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