Traveling the Artist’s Road

What a delight! Liz Massey of Creative Liberty has interviewed me in a podcast, where she asks me about my return to an art-committed life, inspired by my cross-country U.S. road trip.

Liz has a great web site, full of valuable resources on creativity, and it was great fun being interviewed by her. I wish I had possessed better technology on my end; when you listen to it, Liz is so clear, and I sound like I’m on a Gemini mission. But her questions are fantastic.


3 thoughts on “Traveling the Artist’s Road

  1. Liz Massey

    I had so much fun with this, Patrick, and you had so many good things to share. So glad we did it!

    Never let technology intimidate you! I know you don’t, but that’s been the major lesson I’ve learned as a writer-producer in various media! And besides, your insights are out of this world!! 🙂


    1. It was a lot of fun for me, too. On the road trip, audio was the bane of my existence with those videos. I’m always happy to discover what I don’t know, however, because it gives me something else to learn!


  2. Hi Patrick! Sorry I have been so quiet … I’ve been so busy I didn’t see that the notices for your new blog entries have been slipping into my junk mail. 😦 I’m catching up now.

    Your story is so interesting! This is a great interview. I love hearing about your trip in depth, what is behind it, how your family helped out and more.

    Ooo, how fun that you are writing a book about the trip. You know I’ll read it! 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder to set my goals high! 🙂


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