Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/10/11

The Artist’s Road values the thousands of inspiring people who sample his links on creativity and writing on Twitter and Facebook. As a sign of his gratitude, he vows to adhere to a higher moral standard than members of the U.S. Congress; he will never tweet or post a picture of his “package.”


  • Nature as Creativity Booster,” Melissa Crytzer Fry, guest post on Sheri Lopatin: Rogue Writer: Emerson isn’t the only writer who’s been inspired by nature. Melissa is inspired by the state where I grew up, Arizona (you’ll love her photos). (Related: Do the Work, Dispel the Myth of Creative Inspiration)
  • I'll never post pics of my private parts, but I can't make the same promise when it comes to pics of monkeys. Well, to be clear, I won't post pics of monkey private parts.

    Finding Creative People is Easy (and Here’s How),” Kate Canales, The Atlantic: Here’s the subhead: “Instead of searching for creativity, we should be fostering it in people we already work with—and redefining what it is.” (Related: Collaboration and Mutual Respect)

  • Watching Jon Stewart might make you more creative,” Melissa Dahl, This is not, fortunately, related to the frequent Daily Show appearances once made by Twitter sensation Anthony Weiner. Melissa reports that some scientists suspect a correlation between hearing sarcasm and thinking creatively.
  • 20 Reasons Why Creative People Work in Cafes,” Mitch Ditkoff, Blogging Innovation: This refers to those of us sitting there silently tapping on our laptops, not the hard-working baristas. Number #4 could top the list: “Easy access to caffeine.”


For those with fine attention to detail, the answer is yes, one of the monkeys pictured is wearing a cowl. I hear they’re all the rage with simians.

7 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/10/11

  1. Wow. That’s what I call a barrelful of monkeys – without the barrel. 😀

    I had seen that post by Jane Friedman a while back but it was good timing to revisit it today. I quoted Jane for a debate going on over at FoW (and gave you credit plus a link for making that possible).

    20 Reasons Why Creative People Work in Cafes was fun! I’m an advocate, as long as I can wear headphones and listen to ocean sounds – to block out what my hubby refers to as the blabberoos. Call me quaint, but I can’t write and be forced to overhear other people’s conversations simultaneously.


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