Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/3/11

Too busy dodging tornadoes to follow the links on creativity and writing I shared on Twitter and Facebook this week? Here are seven of the best below.



For those planning to enjoy a little beach or pool time this summer (apologies to my readers down under entering winter), remember to wear sunscreen, so you don’t end up looking like the Christmas Crab.

7 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/3/11

  1. Great links as always. McDowell is right. The best ideas come to me while driving, doing the dishes, gardening. Christensen’s post is right on. I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way which mirrors a lot of what he has said. Baby steps, small steps everyday to feed the artistic child inside you. Great book.


    1. Kudos for reading The Artist’s Way. That was a very influential book for me, in fact this blog’s name is a derivation of the book. I don’t journal daily, and I’m not good about keeping artist dates, but I feel I got a lot from that book that I still use to this day.


  2. I went straight for “Physical clichés” and found much to ponder there. While Mary Kole is discussing YA literature, the problems she focus on (i.e., bad telling vs. good telling) manifest in any genre. I believe that she is a teeny bit precious at times; still, I have much to ponder now.

    The article on Brian Eno is eminently quotable. “The reason to keep working is almost to build a certain mental tone” is something that resonates with me. You have to achieve a certain state, what people are now calling “flow.”

    Strategy #3, deliberate limitations, leads to mental gymnastics (for want of a better phrase) and also great results. Limitations help you with structure.


    1. I’ve been a fan of Brian Eno for quite awhile now, and not just because U2 was a big part of my adolescence. He really is a unique voice.

      Glad you found value in this week’s links!


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