Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/27/11

I’m shaking things up this week with The Artist’s Road’s collection of the best links on creativity and writing I sent on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve come to realize I tweet the same topics I write about. Shocking, I know. So this week I’m including after each link a separate link to a blog post I have written that is similar. Now I’ve cursed you with twice the links with which to waste away a day, or a long weekend at the beach.


  • Can Creativity be Taught?August Turak, Forbes: I think I know how the many creativity coaches who read this blog would respond. I like this passage: “[W]e don’t learn to be creative. We must become creative people.” (Related: The Zen of Teaching Creativity)
  • Are my U.S. readers headed to the beach this Memorial Day weekend? It will probably be a wee bit more crowded than this.

    How to Manage for Creativity,” Steve Minter, Industry Week: I want to show this post to my teenage children — he destroys the myth surrounding the power of multitasking. (Related: Allowing Time for Creativity)

  • State of Flow,” Melissa Crytzer-Fry, What I Saw: For writers and all creatives, Melissa provides 9 steps for harnessing your creative flow, and frames the post around pictures of the striking place I grew up, the Sonoran Desert. (Related: 5 Steps to Subconscious-Driven Creativity)
  • 55 Insights into Creativity, Beliefs and Leadership,” compiled by Deborah Connolly, Creative Leadership Coaching: A collection of inspiring quotes, from an eclectic mix of sources. Imagine hitting a hooka bar and finding reclined on the pillows Muhammad Ali, Pablo Picasso, Sigmund Freud, and Buddha. (Related: Um, none, I’ve never compiled a quote list.)


This is the last Tweets of the Week before Memorial Day here in the U.S., but looking at the color scheme I’ve got going above, I feel like the next holiday should be the 4th of July.

6 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/27/11

  1. I think it’s brilliant that you’ve included links to your related articles. This is already a dyn-o-mite collection of creativity links, but I saw several titles in red I also want to visit.

    Alas, the Friday To-Do list calls so I’ll return over the weekend to follow the links. That will give me time to find my hookah pipe and some Turkish-design pillows. 😀

    ~ Milli

    P.S. I agree with “[W]e don’t learn to be creative. We must become creative people.” We need to reverse the UNlearning we did after being born creative and practicing our creativity unselfconsciously as children.


  2. Thanks for the links. All very interesting. I’m still going back and forth on whether want to pursue mfa. It would be for my own benefit more than anything else. I keep seeing more negatives than positives lately. Maybe I’ll just go the less inexpensive route and take some online writing course.


    1. It seems wise to start with a class or two. I’ve taken a couple at a local writer’s center, and someone in my writing group is doing an online class through an MFA program that’s out west (she’s not in the program, just taking a class).


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