Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/20/11

I can’t get a clear answer on what is going to happen after May 21st, Judgment Day. Assuming I am not one of the Saved, do I go down below? Do I cease to exist? Do I wander a post-apocalyptic Earth like Mad Max? All I know is, whether you’re going up, down, or staying put, this is your last chance to follow the links below I sent out this week on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy them while you still can.


  • How Dreaming Can Help You Succeed,” Daniel Wood, Grow Yourself. My dirty little secret is revealed — I’ve been subcontracting my subconscious to do my creative writing for me for about two decades now. I’m really just a stenographer to my brain.
  • I've staked out Montezuma's Castle as my home during the End of Days. No, there's no room for you, find your own place.

    12 Sparks for Heads-Up Creativity,” Robyn McMaster, Forbes. You might want to bookmark this post and read it when you have free time. !t’s chock-full of links to numerous creativity experts, including some of my favorite tweeps, including Mike Brown, Gregg Fraley and Tanner Christensen.

  • How Seven Inspirational People are Using Their Creativity,” Tanner Christensen, A Spindle: Speaking of Tanner, here’s short profiles and links to, well, the title is self-explanatory.
  • Artists and Mental Health,” Douglas Eby, TalentDevelop. Dr. Eby returns to this list with an important essay that not only highlights the correlation between artistic genius and mental health challenges, but lists a surprising number of household names.
  • Improvisation Part 1: Addition by Subtraction” and “Improvisation Part 2: Not as Spontaneous as You Might Think,” Bob Woody, Being Musical. Being Human. Two thoughtful posts by a music professor on the brain, creative thinking, creative expression, and music. The first post cites a TED talk and the second a Gladwell book, so you know this is heady stuff!
  • Music and Creativity,” Miles O’Brien and Marsha Walton. A post related to the one above, this one summarizes NSF-funded research on how music can spark creative thinking in math and science. Why am I humming Thomas Dolby?


  • If you choose this fixer-upper at the Wupatki National Monument we'll be neighbors (sort-of).

    Writing Obstacles Be Gone! 3 Ways to Keep Falling Forward,” Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, Quips and Tips for Successful Writers. A sample of the post’s insights: “Stay focused on your vision, not your circumstances.”

  • Sandra Cisneros Video,” We Wanted to be Writers: Here’s a short video featuring author Sandra Cisneros of San Antonio, Texas, on writing and her influences.


  • Stylish Blogger“, Kate Arms-Roberts. I discovered some new blogs to follow through this post, and loved the shout-out to The Artist’s Road.
  • Even More of My Favorite Creativity Blogs,” Melanie Sklarz, Dose of Creativity. This is the third annual list of creative blogs to read, and yes, I’m in there. (Are you seeing a way to get listed in the Creativity Tweets of the Week?)

If for some bizarre reason the world does not end on the 21st, then I’ll see you back here next Friday for another Creativity Tweets of the Week.

13 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/20/11

  1. Patrick – I’m pleased to be included in this list. One of your recommendations “How Seven Inspirational People are Using Their Creativity” really knocked me out! Some truly amazing people listed there.


  2. Patrick, it is a real honor to be showcased here along with all the creative people I learned from as I wrote for Mind Makeover at Forbes. I enjoy your tweets and need to visit The Artist’s Road more often because you truly highlight amazing creatives worldwide! Thanks!


  3. Great stuff, I especially liked the artists and mental health piece. It was eye-opening. Retweeted it. Definitely if your readers read any of these you should read that article. It was very fascinating.


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  5. Are you willing to risk Montazuma’s Revenge? 😉

    Even though I have been way behind schedule this week and have barely been around, I managed to read the post on Artists and Mental Health. I already knew about some of it, but it is interesting!


    1. Technically, Montezuma never lived there, it was a tribe of cliff-dwelling Native Americans that were wiped out, likely in a massacre by a rival tribe. There’s also hints that cannibalism occurred, perhaps by the invaders, perhaps by the tribe itself (survival? ritual?). So the karma there might actually be worse than having some irritable bowels. No matter, though, the Rapture is still a bit in the future, apparently.


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