Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/13/11

It’s back. The latest list contains some of the links on creativity and writing The Artist’s Road tweeted this week, but also some only posted on Facebook (that’s right, friends, your blogger isn’t simply using Facebook to duplicate his Twitter feed, so there). Now on to the links.


  • Author Shares the Secrets of ‘Creativity,'” James D’Arcangelo, National Public Radio’s Julie Burstein, author of Spark: How Creativity Works, tells the reporter that we are all creative, but artists “take risks and live life with an open lens to all of its creative opportunities.” I was delighted to find this article after my post on the subject, “What is a Creative?
  • Taken by your blogger recently in the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland. An alternative to clicking the links below on writing is to read every book here and learn through observation.

    little bets + creative badassery + what seth godin cannot teach you,” Justine Musk, Tribal Writer: The always straightforward (blunt?) Justine says whether you’re launching a creative endeavor or a social media campaign, dedicate yourself to that journey or don’t do it at all.

  • 10 Creativity Tip to Inspire You,” : Alexa Westerfield, The Swell Life: I like #2, “Break your routines.” Maybe I should take a week off from assembling the Tweets of the Week.
  • How to Avoid 7 Kid Creativity Crushers,” Alicia Arnold, Technorati: The Daily Creativity blogger’s short answer — don’t be a helicopter parent.


  • Authenticity, Transparency & Hypocrisy: An Observation,” Dan Perez: The thought-provoking filmmaker and blogger notes “authenticity” and “transparency” are constantly cited as must-haves in social media writing, but he questions whether true adherence to those approaches are possible or even desirable.
  • Write Through Your Pain,” Sandy Ackers, Strangling My Muse: Sandy returns to Tweets of the Week with a poignant post about staying true to your muse during a wrenching emotional loss.
  • 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue,” Danny Iny, copyblogger: This being my normal state of affairs, I think I’m going to embrace #3, “Ask your audience.” Any suggestions?
  • Six Steps to Creating a Writing Schedule,” R.A. Evans: I’ve tried and failed this week to follow tip #1: Record how I spend my time. (Sending too many tweet links?)
  • Quotations About Writing,” Elizabeth Danziger, WorkTalk: Why wait for great quotes to land in your Twitter feed? Find 11 good ones here.

A question for Artist’s Road readers — do you find this weekly list of value? Share your thoughts below.

4 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/13/11

  1. Great links! Have you ever shared links to the blogs that frequently come up on this list? I’m just curious because you seem to be really connected to the creative world online and I’d be great to start following your fav’s. Thanks!


    1. Welcome back, Ollin. Thanks for the comment. I assume you mean a blog roll? I’ve thought about that, I’ve had them on other blogs I’ve had in the past. What keeps stopping me is that there are so many I monitor if I included them all it would be a pretty long list, and Gladwell’s observation that too many choices is paralyzing is true for really long blog rolls. Coincidentally, however, I am highlighting five blogs I like in my Monday post, however, blogs I think aren’t getting enough love.


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