Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/6/11

Along with sending out lots of inspiring tweets on creativity and writing this week, your blogger bravely dove headfirst into a cutting-edge new service he just discovered called Facebook. He’ll be tweeting some links and posting others at his Facebook page, “Patrick Ross on Creativity,” but the best links will still be combined here every week. That is, if he manages to avoid the fate of his teenage daughter, who seems to have been consumed whole by this social media beast.

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  • Boosting Creativity Through Passion, Novelty and Pleasure,” Anastasia Pryanikova, The Brain Alchemist: I like all of those things, particularly passion and pleasure. (They work well together, no?)
  • Your loyal blogger ventures onto Facebook. Will he ever resurface?

    77 Awesome Creativity Books,” Michelle James, The Fertile Unknown: You think it takes a long time to read all of the links on this post? Try working your way through this great book list my friend Michelle compiled.

  • Unusual Thinking Styles Increase Creativity,” Jeremy Dean, PsyBlog: Let me butcher her thoughtful piece with this summation: Allow yourself to think irrationally. (However, don’t try that approach with your significant other.)


  • Q&A: Jane Friedman, Former ‘Writer’s Digest’ Publisher, Tells All,” Shari Lopatin, Rogue Writer: Ms. Friedman is ubiquitous in the world of writing, and kudos to Shari for the interview, but it’s not truly a tell-all; I still don’t know the former Writer’s Digest editor’s positions on key cultural divisions such as Jay vs. Conan, Ginger vs. Mary Ann, and boxers vs. briefs.
  • Want to Be a Successful Author? 10 Things English Majors Have to Unlearn,” Anne R. Allen: She starts out strong by going after those who hold up their noses at genre fiction (a recent Washington Post reviewer said those books reside in a “literary ghetto“). Anne’s take? “We need to choose a genre and write as creatively as possible within its boundaries.”
  • Stress and the Freelance Writer,” Natasha, Freelance Folder: I’ve certainly felt a bit of this since returning to freelance writing in January. It may surprise you to learn that this blog, for example, generates no income.
  • Writer’s Tips: Managing Energy for Writing,” Charlotte Rains Dixon: My Portland, Oregon, friend returns to Tweets of the Week with advice both profound (“Know thyself”) and straightforward (“Move your bod”).
  • Two Super-Important Things to Do Before You Query,” Becky Blanton, guest post on The Renegade Writer: Becky undersells her post here; by my count it contains thirteen elaborations of the two super-important things.

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I invite you to “like” my new Facebook page, “Patrick Ross On Creativity.” Feel free to “like” it even if you don’t “like” me personally. I won’t be offended.

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