Creativity Tweets of the Week – 03/18/11

For the sixth straight day today, the sun was an hour late for its sunrise. Congress can say that our clocks should leap forward, but my biological clock remains confused by the fact that it has gone from bright to dark at the hour I wake up. Despite my grumpiness at the sun and at politicians, I have managed once again to compile some of the best tweets on creativity and writing. I give you an all-new edition of Creativity Tweets of the Week. May it brighten your day.


  • Taken this morning with my Evo. Damned sun, where were you when I woke up?

    12 Inspiring Career Guides for Creative People,” Mark McGuinness, Lateral Action: Whether you are a fine artist, a freelance writer, or an aspiring TV producer, a conventional career guide isn’t for you, Mark writes. Instead, he provides information on 12 books he think might help the creative professional in you.

  • A New Tool for Creative Thinking: Mind-Body Dissonance,” Jesse Prinz, Scientific American: Triggering creative thought can be as simple as forcing oneself to have an inappropriate facial reaction. (Jesse explains it better than me.)
  • The Value of Confusion,” Mitch Ditkoff, The Heart of Innovation:  As part of the creative process, embrace confusion, “a state of mind in which the elements you are dealing with appear to be indiscriminately mixed, out of whack, or unable to be interpreted to your satisfaction.” You might also want to read Mitch’s post titled “The Romance of Creativity.”
  • “‘Flow’ and Psychosis in the Artist’s Experience,” Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, Huffington Post: Last week I included several links on schizotypy, a form of schizophrenia that could be an element of the creative flow of many artists. This article is a nice one-stop-shop post on the most recent research on this topic.
  • MBTI, Keirsey Temperments and Creativity,” Michelle James, The Fertile Unknown: Quick, what’s your Myers-Briggs score? We love to see ourselves categorized, and Michelle is a corporate creativity consultant, so you should love her chart mapping creativity against common personality indicator tests.
  • In Phoenix, where I grew up, they don't go changing their clocks to try to please anyone. They love their clocks just the way they are.

    Creative Leadership: A Challenge in our Times,” Bruce Hammonds, Leading and Learning: The best way to foster creative adults is to foster creativity in our children. This post contains ways our schools could bring out the creativity in students, including relinquishing control (a big ask of any educator).


And on a more serious note, I direct your attention to “Artists and Galleries Around the World Band Together to Send Japan Earthquake Relief” from ArtInfo.

Here’s hoping you get lots of sun this week, when you want it. And here’s a toast to the fact that for all of us in the U.S., the powers that be won’t be messing with our clocks for another eight months or so.

9 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week – 03/18/11

  1. Liz Massey

    Love your photo and comment about Phoenix. It seemed weird to me when I moved to the Valley of the Sun that they didn’t do Daylight Savings Time, but after a dozen years here, I completely understand. 🙂

    Great links as always!


    1. I still remember my first DST change. I was 18, in college in LA, walking with friends to the dining hall for dinner. I freaked out because it seemed too dark; where had the sun gone? My friends thought I was nuts, but I know now they were the ones who were nuts. DST is unnatural!


    1. Well, there is that! 🙂 For me, I leave the house to take the kids to school at 6:35 am. It had gotten to the point where the sun was completely up by the time we left the house, a nice start to the day. This morning, and every morning this week, it’s been pitch black. 😦


  2. Nice roundup – while I wait for my requested books from the library to become available, I’ll read these. And Patrick, I’m having a hard time imagining you grumpy.


  3. ann simon

    Having lived 11 years in Last Vegas, I can say that it’s not merely the time change (tho’ that’s bad enouigh), but the quality of the western light is so much, um, lighter!


    1. The light is lighter, and the sky is skyier.

      Ah, Nevada, the state that makes the Arizona desert look positively lush! Rented a Harley in Vegas once and spent a day riding around the desert; if aliens do land out there, if they come in rock-colored ships no one will see them after they land.


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