Creativity Tweets of the Week — 02/18/11

Better late than never, right? So here’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you, my latest round-up of great links on creativity, inspiration, art, and writing — the Creativity Tweets of the Week! (I’m sorry, the flower store was done sold out, holiday rush, you know.) Below enjoy 18 great resources, some of the links I sent out this week via Twitter.

The author showing his love for his blog readers - photo taken by his son in spring 2010 in San Fransisco's Union Square





  • 11 Tips to Help Make Writing Easier,” Becki Sams, The Writer’s Blog: Along with having perhaps the most descriptive blog name in the blogosphere, Becki offers writers lots of tips. See also “How to Use Your Blog to Market Your Writing.”
  • Another Union Square heart photo, this one taken on the same trip by the author's daughter, who did not want her dad in the picture

    The Answer to Your Burning Question: ‘How Do I Make a Living as a Writer?Carol Tice, guest blog on Courage to Create: Warning: You’re not going to find every answer you need here, but if it were possible to do that, Carol wouldn’t have anything to write about on her blog, titled, appropriately, “Make a Living Writing.” Lots of good lessons in this post, though, namely how you must overcome your fear. (I know that fear well now as a newly launched full-time freelancer, even though I’ve been writing professionally for more than twenty years.)

  • Cheap Therapy,” Milli Thornton, Fear of Writing: Talk aloud with your muse (and I’d add, let family members know you’re not going crazy).
  • 8 Signs Your Writing is Stuck in a Rut — and Why,” K. M. Weiland, Wordplay: As a daily reporter this wasn’t an issue for me; I had to file something, even if it was the equivalent of the gum on the bottom of my shoe, and move on. But as a creative writer I get this problem, and welcome solutions.
  • Charles Dickens — Three Principles of Writing,” Jamie Grove, How Not to Write: Learn from the author of “A Tale of Two Cities,” who decries idiots believing that writing is as easy as making pancakes.
  • Becoming A Writer,” Orna Ross: She gives it to you straight — why are you so obsessed with getting an agent and getting published when you haven’t even done a few laps actually writing?
  • Patience,” Vahini Naidoo, Let the Words Flow: I put this directly below Orna’s link on purpose, as it’s a perfect complement.
  • Yearly Wrap-Ups (of AWP Washington 2011),” Caleb J. Ross, AWP blog: Were you unable to attend this national conference for writers and writing instructors but wish you had? Did you attend and realize that you couldn’t come close to experiencing everything it had to offer, like I did? Caleb’s collection of blog posts by AWP attendees is for you.

One tip I learned at AWP is that if you’re querying a publication pitching an article, make it a list article, i.e., “9 Ways to Dress Your Dog.” Five of today’s links follow that pattern, which I think works when encouraging click-throughs and retweets as well. Perhaps I should have named this blog post “18 Ways to Kick-Start Your Creativity.” Oh well, live and learn.

13 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 02/18/11

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  2. Alright, I am going to read every one of these articles if it is the last thing I do (this week)! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the shout out for “Why Does Art Cost So Much?”. I really appreciate that.

    Read Keith Bond’s “Fish Stew” article so far, and very much agree with the principles behind what he is writing. That is how my art school (Maryhurst University) taught me, and how I teach my own students. Think. See. Explore. Be curious. Observe. Paint. Learn. πŸ™‚


  3. I just read this bit: “On that note, if any DC-area writers are reading this, I’m looking to form or join a writer’s group, contact me if interested!”

    If you’re open to the pre-published, I’m interested! DM me on Twitter


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