Creativity Tweets of the Week — 02/11/11

Wake up the kids and bring in the dog (you can let the cat keep sleeping, because she’ll ignore you regardless)! It’s time for yet another Creativity Tweets of the Week! Below are 11 useful links on creativity and writing that I sent to out into the Twittersphere this week.


  • Taking Breaks Found to Improve Attention,” Rick Nauert, PhD, PsychCentral: A useful post for anyone engaging in creative activity — don’t worry about a limited amount of attention, worry if your attention is fixed too long on one sensory input. Shake it up!
  • Intention: Clarity,” Andrea of ABCcreativity: A useful post for creatives on the importance of setting, and sticking with, intentions.
  • Fear of Finishing,” Tricia Sutton, guest post on Fear of Writing: A humorous and inspiring post for any creative, this novelist shares her fear of finishing a creative project, a fear of both failure and success.


Let me know your thoughts on these links and this weekly blog feature, and have a creative week! 🙂

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