Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/28/11

Because the power is back on after a long spell without it (thank you, D.C. winter storm of snow and ice), I’m able to upload the latest Creativity Tweets of the Week. (I’m more grateful for the heat working again, but having electricity for the computer is nice too.) As always, enjoy some of the resources I tweeted this week on creativity, inspiration and writing!



  • 10 Sure Ways to Live Below Your Full Potential,” Celes Chua, guest post at Marc and Angel Hack Life: I’ve been guilty of all of these at times. Got some work to do!
  • The Key to Happiness: A Taboo for Adults?” Joe Robinson, The Huffington Post: The prose gets a bit academic at times, but its point is worth embracing — we need to embrace play in our lives. For my part, I chose to celebrate my last birthday by gathering me, my wife and two kids around a pile of Legos and having us build, build, build.
  • Passion and Play: Artist Advocate Arising,” Kate Arms-Roberts: Speaking of play, here’s an inspiring post about a performer and writer rediscovering its power.


Check back next Friday for another edition of Creativity Tweets of the Week (assuming my power is on, and assuming I haven’t fled to a tropical island with no Internet access), or get them in real time on Twitter.

(The pictures you see here were taken by me last winter during our dreadfully named “Snowpocalypse.”)

5 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/28/11

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  2. Patrick: I appreciate your listing an article from “A Hut of Questions” here again. You offer a great round-up every week. It helps me connect, too, with more in the wild pack of wonder trackers. Best, Jeffrey


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