Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/21/11

My goodness. There are 14 Creativity Tweets of the Week listed below, a selection of the resources I sent out this week on Twitter. So that’s where my week went! Well, I need to re-read Linda Formichelli’s post below to learn how to reclaim some of that time. In the meantime, enjoy!




  • Tai Nasha No Karosha: Reflections on a Week of Blogging,” Michael Chabon, The Atlantic: The Pulitzer winner finds it’s hard to write the first sentence of a post, and says this of a blog’s comments field: “The pleasure of a favorable notice lasts about three hours and twenty-four minutes; the sting of a bad one settles down to a dull ache that can endure for decades.” So true!
  • Reject the ‘New Rules for Writers,” Andrew Shaffer, Huffington Post: A fiery post in defense of traditional elements of publishing, from MFA programs to editors. I agree with Andrew, but I wonder, could this post also be titled “Speaking Truth On Behalf of Power”? 🙂
  • Tightening Your (Manuscript’s) Belt: A Checklist for Eliminating Unnecessary Prose,” Cheryl Reifsnyder, Cheryl’s Musings: I’m a big fan of Cheryl, and this is a very useful post. That said, it gave me flashbacks to a ruthless editor whose purple pen I absolutely dreaded.
  • What’s Missing From my Writing?Jessica McCann, guest blog on The Bird Sisters: On the importance of revisions.

A final note for all you writers out there — are you planning to attend the AWP writer’s conference in D.C. February 2-5? If so, welcome to my back yard. Let me know you’re coming, and I can give you a proper welcome!

(The photos today were taken by me last summer at the Sundance Resort in Utah.)

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