Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/14/11

Are you gettin’ jiggy with it? How can you not, when it’s time for another Creativity Tweets of the Week? Feel free to bust a move while enjoying links on creativity, writing and personal inspiration that I tweeted the past week.


  • How to See the World Like Malcolm Gladwell,” BigThink: One of my favorite authors provides great advice for all creatives, namely learn to disable your self-editor, because it’s often the seemingly superfluous input that can most ignite creativity.
  • Creative collaboration for the solopreneur: When reaching out is hard to do,” a Yellowstone geyserCarole Jane Treggett, Orangey Cat Creative:  Creatives often thrive in solitude, but there are professional and social downsides to isolation. As Carole Jane puts it, “No creative solopreneur is an island!”
  • Guster Breaks Down the Creative Process,” Lizzy Simon, The Wall Street Journal: Rarely have I seen a better breakdown of everything that goes into producing a creative work. See the pie chart breaking down the hours spent by the band Guster in creating their latest album, with slices including “30 hours arguing about songs,” and “20 hours for ‘Jersey Shore’ marathons.”
  • Walking Can Bring About Creativity,” Linda Jo Scott, Join the esteemed company of Beethoven, Wordsworth and Whitman and get out and about. I’ll confess it helps my creative process immensely. (A friend told me Einstein walked every day, so there’s another one on the list!)


  • The Zip-Line Story,Dan Perez, Dan Perez Films: The talented South Florida filmmaker has produced another inspiring short, this one with motivational speaker Victor Antonio sharing a humorous anecdote about riding a zip line.
  • Creative Thinking Exercises for When You’re Successful,” Mike Brown, Brainzooming: Learn the 5 “Words of Inspiration” that will help drive your creative process.


We’ll be back next week with more links. In the meantime, back it up with the Dougie or get links like these in real time on Twitter.

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