Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/07/11

You’ve waited patiently for seven days, and here is your reward — another helping of Creativity Tweets of the Week! The first edition of 2011 features 13 links I tweeted over the last week, on subjects such as creativity, inspiration and writing. Have at it!



  • Goals versus Strategies,” Hart Johnson, Confessions of a Watery Tart: Tips to make sure you don’t unintentionally nullify your own goals. Written for writers but useful to all. (And no, I didn’t include it just because I really like the first photo.)
  • How to Set Goals that Make Sense: A Writer’s Perspective,” Linda Formichelli, guest post on WriteToDone: Do we all need to set and occasionally revise life goals? Yes. Here’s how one creative has done it.


  • 37 Literary Resolutions for 2011: What’s Yours?Carolyn Kellogg, L.A. Times: Well, since you’re asking, one of mine is that I intend to carve out some time each and every day for creativity.ICE show green peeps
  • 30 Writing Quotes to Kick off 2011,” Susan Johnston, The Urban Muse: As I’ve been revising a manuscript all week, sweating blood while doing it, I guess I should embrace #11: “Revision is one of the true pleasures of writing. I love the flowers of afterthought.” ~Bernard Malamud
  • Create a Morning Writing Ritual,” Leo Babuata, Freelance Switch: I like this post for several reasons, but in part because Leo, like me, is an early riser who likes to write in the morning. Take that, all of my creative friends who prefer working late at night! 🙂
  • Do Authors Make Good Publishers?Richard Curtis, E-Reads: According to this post, the answer is no.
  • How to Respond to Copyeditors’ Marks,” Editorial Anonymous: As a former copyeditor, I include this link in honor of copyeditors everywhere. You’re human beings, you don’t deserve the grief we writers sometimes give you, you’re invaluable, and I wish there were far more of you!

Enjoy your tasty tweets, and check back next Friday for another dose, or get them in real time on Twitter!

(Pictures were taken by the author on 12/24 at the ICE show at the Gaylord National Harbor, with a cell phone. Bad idea. You can’t wear gloves when operating a touch-screen phone, and they keep the show at 9 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the ice sculptures. My ungloved hand soon was ready to join the displays.)

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