Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/31/10

It’s the last day of the year, but time for one more round-up of links I tweeted this week on creativity, writing and inspiration. It’s time for Creativity Tweets of the Week!


What Book (or Writing Projects) Will You Birth? Charlotte Rains Dixon: I love this post, and put it under “Inspiration” even though it’s focused on writers. In fact, this post is a perfect New Year read, reminding us that we manifest our own realities, so we might as well make them great!

ABCcreativity interview with nola diamantopoulis,” Andrea Schroeder, ABCcreativity: Andrea’s about to take the leap into full-time self-employment (like me!). This is one of a series of interviews she’s conducting with self-employed creatives, a dynamic visual artist and studio owner in Sydney, Australia, who once was a tax manager for an energy company.

How to start a freelance writing career,” Robert Medak. The key is to “[s]et a schedule of activities for your freelance writing career workweek.” (I know, there’s been a recurring theme of self-employment in my links lately, so be it!)


The Top 10 for 2010: Creative Liberty’s Year in Review,” Liz Massey, Creative Liberty: Some great posts are linked to here, including steps to build “creative greatness” and an interview with clever creative Melanie Sklarz of Dose of Creativity. (BTW, Liz, happy birthday!)

5 Creative Questions with Melanie,” Melanie Sklarz, Dose of Creativity: Speaking of Melanie, here she answers some common questions she’s asked about creativity and the creative process. (On the question about her most creative time of day, Melanie says the middle of the night. That was me in college. Now it’s dawn; I often awake early and full of inspiration, and can write for hours — with some coffee — if I start early enough.)

Innovation as a Product of Interaction,” Sara Halperin, Cloverdew Creative: A fancy title for a straightforward post on how to creatively improve your communication skills, important for creatives and, well, everybody. Sara’s also launching a “Happiness Project” in 2011; I’ll be very curious to see what comes of that!


Writing, Life, and the C-Word,” Charlotte Rains Dixon: I’m a big fan of Charlotte so she makes this week’s round-up twice. As a writer who wants to produce compelling prose yet is focused on creating a peaceful and harmonious life, I love this post about the role of conflict in both writing and life.

10 Writing Exercises to Tighten Your Writing,” Brittiany Cahoon, Daily Writing Tips: This post is mistitled, but worth a read. It says little about tightening your writing, but provides good tips to inspire you to write. If you want to tighten your writing, I was told once to cut out every other word, then repeat.

Happy New Year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/31/10

  1. Thanks for the mention, Patrick. Looks like a great round-up. I’ll be checking out some of the others to be sure. And thanks for the RT on Twitter. I’ll be working on the RSS feed and email subscription asap. 🙂


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